Valecnik’s War – Part I

As our country flirts with the prospect of war, YRCS springs to action. Whether it’s in Syria, North Korea or our own minds, war is ungodly. As our nearest and dearest rock heroes have always pointed out, war is, in fact, hell. Valecnik returns from his sabbatical to bring us a two-day marathon of war-themed metal. Enjoy.

Abbath marches to war, but also rocks yo’ ass:

Then he counts the dead. Ya know, from being rocked to death:

An underrated classic:

The mighty Anaal Nathrakh always sounds like war:

Okay, just too fitting a title for current times:

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

Old school is the best school:

Okay, let’s tone this madness down:

Nah, let’s not:

Carnivore rules this world, and Peter Steele is surely ruling the next:

They’ll tell you this is how it works:

But it’s really just this:

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