Rest for the beloved; Neil Peart dies from brain cancer


When I was around 10 years old, my parents gifted me the two-disc anthology “Rush: Chronicles.” Maybe it was time? Every good, upper Midwest, Minnesotan boy typically went through this phase. Years later, when I went to grad school in British Columbia, my female friends would joke about how every Canadian boy went through a “Rush phase,”and I felt wholly bonded to my brethren in the true north in yet another way.

Needless to say the big, red, maple leaf flags will sit at half-mast today; If not literally, then in spirit. Prince Neal and his 3o+ piece drum kit will join the band across the river styx to play drum solos that could never be played by anyone else. If none of that is true, we’ll know that he’ll live on in rock ‘n’ roll halls of fame in North America and beyond. His 40+ year tenure as trap master for the prog-rock juggernaut, Rush, will have no replacement in the minds of his, and Rock’s, fans.

Good night, sweet prince.

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