7 Days of Halloween – Day 1: Macario

This year we at YRCS are ringing in the most wonderful day of the year by counting down with a new public domain horror movie every day leading up. Sometimes we’ll put a historically relevant pic, sometimes a short, but always tying in to spooky themes.

The first entry into our countdown comes from our neighbors to the South. Macario begins in colonial Mexico, and follows our protagonist (Macario) beginning with the Day of the Dead, when he embarks on a supernatural quest involving god, the devil and death itself.

A film made in 1960, the movie touches on class issues, and the caste-like system of colonial Mexico. The movie is revered as part of the Mexican golden age of film. Marcario is an adaptation of a novel by the same name, and stars Ignacio López Tarso and Pina Pellicer; two heralded names in Mexican cinema.

Enjoy, and know your life could be snuffed out like a candle at any moment. Happy Halloween!

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