Merde . . . I spilled some French dressing on my guitar

It seems a little awkward that the newest arbiter of garage rock, roots punk should be purported by a French band named, Destination Lonely. Although we should be used to it, by now. Rock transported overseas tends to come back improved (Britain, Africa etc.) Why should we expect otherwise?

Putting aside the elder musical genres of noir, neo-noir, and super-duper corkscrew noir (not a thing), the trois of Destination Lonely hearkens back to a purer form of the rock genre on their Jan 24th release, Nervous Breakdown. You’ll hear wild thing-esque cover of The Troggs “I Want You,” along with 16 other new songs (Of course, the punks know what that means: short tracks).

Complete with fuzzy ardour, and slapback vocals of the 60’s garage original, “I Want you” is set to whisk you back in time, as well as to Paris. Their video for the track is tre Easy Rider.

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