Starover Blue comes home

It’s a double entendre. You’ll get it in a minute.

Home is when you can do no wrong. Home is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Home is where you can expand, breath easier, hit your stride.

And that’s where Starover Blue is right now.

After last summers release, Moneystealer EP, a collection that felt as if the pendulum had stopped swinging for the duo of Dirk and Kendall Sallay-Milotz. The push/pull of the act’s folk beginnings as Cartoon Bar Fight, and the ambient shoegaze of Starover Blue, had settled in balance. They’d come home, I figured.

That was until I heard the “Anemone” single. Keyboard and guitar swirl an almost glitch-rock landscape that’s perfectly balanced with Kendall’s falsetto-ed voice. It equal parts haunting and elating. Kendall’s voice is all the more pleasant. Dirk’s composition a juxtaposition between electronic and analog. It’s simply over too soon.

Now for that other part.

Starover Blue is literally coming home; heading in from Portland to the spot of their origin story. Tomorrow night (Aug. 17) Starover headlines a triple bill, with newer hometown heroes Cola and SF troubadours, Dokoe. The venue is home too, with the stage at the Art Boutiki Music Hall (44 Race Street) hosting the homecoming gala.

The stars come out a 8 pm, in all their haloed glory.

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