Nobunny can bite me

These guys are assholes. Let me tell you why. Because their profile says they’re from Nowhere, CA, then their bio goes on to talk some shit about their being from Phoenix, AZ, and that they’ve been on a slew of minor labels. One of which is Third Man Records. Yeah, that’s Jack White’s label. You know, the dude from the White Stripes? Yeah, whatever, dude.

And then, THEN one of my old hipster co-workers from Seattle ‘likes’ them. Oh, great. So, they’re like, known and shit, and I’m all late to the party. Fuck that.

But you know what truly makes them assholes? Listen to this shit. It’s like some gawddamn Captain Beefheart meets Bon Scott (Ac/Dc) shit. And they’re all disciples of The Ramones. Christ on a plastic cross. This band kick ass. So, the hell with ’em.

Nobunny can bite me.

LISTEN to more of these dickholes via ReverbNation.

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