New full-length, new drive: Door To No Where’s The Haunting

A band’s livelihood pivots off their second record. That’s where they refine their sound, offering us a clear image of what they will become. Doors To Know Where accomplishes all this and more in their sophomore effort, “The Haunting.” With a gritty sort of panache, the Santa Cruz, CA trio firmly establishes themselves among the Bay Area’s metal giants.

Band members Marc Lewis (guitar, vocals), Sean Stanford (bass, vocals) and Pete Testoff (drums), Doors To Know Where forges their signature sound from an array of furious genres. It’s a mix of modern metal cut with acid funk, with a hint of post-punk for good measure. The resulting sound is comfortably familiar, without ever venturing into mimicry.

With a vocal aptitude that resembles both Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) and Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), DTNW starts this record with a fierce and unrelenting power. From the snarling, hard-hitting repose of the lead track (Devil’s Backbone), DTNW has no qualms about hitting the listener straight away. The tribal feel of the album’s supreme juggernaut “Burn” pushes the limits of atonal post-punk, in the vein of David Yow (Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid) or Low Pop Suicide. This is arguably the record’s best effort. But DTNW can’t shake their stoner rock roots, with tracks like “Give Me,” “The Policy,” and the funk-tinged “Sinking.”  The album’s closer, “Wires,” dips back into post-punk territory, thus concluding the onslaught.

Doors To Know Where’s second release combines punk-edged metal and blues-based funk with a Sabbath-esque musicality that makes the doom world take notice. With that attitude in mind, DTNW addresses both the past and future of their genre, making “The Haunting” a pensive and definitive effort.

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