Moonlytz initiates listeners

Today, Gabe Maciel (The Trims, Truth by Moonlight) introduced the next manifestation of his literary/musical project.

The ambitious endeavor began in April, when Maciel released his first book, Truth by Moonlight. Consisting of poems, song lyrics and other short works, Truth by Moonlight was also accompanied by the promise of a new musical project—which Maciel teased with a work-in-progress, four-song E.P.

Six months later, the Moonlytz project is finally making its debut, with a brand new track entitled, “I Tried.”

“I Tried” is a lyrics-based, minimalist tune, featuring an arpeggio guitar line, broad range tremolo-laden vocals, and plenty of atmosphere. Maciel’s vocal hovers in a falsetto range throughout the song, providing a hauntingly apologetic chart.

The full track will be available for download via the Moonlytz website, where you can also find the four songs previously released on the Truth by Moonlight E.P. Look for more music to come from Moonlytz, as a counterpart to Maciel’s literary offerings.

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