Goldblums: Back with a Flash of Attitude

Let us take a moment and herald the return of Goldblums.

The Des Moines-based rockers, who debuted last year with “Gnat Bones”  on 7″ vinyl, have  just released a new tape on Workerbee Records, entitled “Heels.” The entire album is just five songs and under seven minutes, but it’s a veritable  blitzkrieg barrage of scuzzed-out garage punk. It’s also more stripped-down, if slightly cleaner, than “Gnat Bones”— eschewing the Greg Ginn guitar noodlings for lean, tom-heavy riffers.

While I’m guessing this EP is ostensibly a tribute to the bad guys in pro-wrestling, I admittedly have no idea what the hell these gentlemen are actually singing about. My guess is a healthy bit of nihilism mixed with some snot—which, if true, fits the tunes perfectly. Lead track “No Fun” establishes the template. Squalls of feedback introduce a mid-tempo rocker with caveman drums. Some ‘60s girl-group backing vocals poke through the grit, giving it a sweet flavor.

“So Glad I’m Not a Hippie” rips harder, upping the tempo and raising the dumb; and the fun keeps flying by with the 42-second, feel-bad anthem “Bad At Sex.” By this point I’m hearing Goldblums as through the lens of Flipper or Jerk Ward, reimagined as garage rock.

“Lonnie” is the most tame track on the tape. It’s a good enough listen, but after the initial rush of short trash it feels a bit formulaic—something Goldblums is rarely guilty of. Still, I prefer it to, say, Ty Segall and his ilk. “The Juicer” closes the tape, pounding away slower than it should be, but feeling just right. The vocals snarl, and, despite my continued inability/desire to know what’s being said, I feel plenty pissed when it’s all done.

“Heels” cruises by and crashes before you even realized it passed you; but never fear if you want more. Workerbee Records is reportedly planning a slew of Goldblums releases in the near future, so keep your ears peeled and your eyes closed.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you find yourself in or near Des Moines on October 29, you can catch Goldblums and The Vahnevants together at Crane Artist Lofts.

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