Flexx Bronco picks up the torch, runs until it bleeds on ‘Volume 3.’


*This article originally appeared on Examiner.com, March 17, 2016

In the wake of Lemmy Kilmister’s death, we’re forced to reconcile with the gaping hole that he left us with. “Who’s gonna fill his monstrous shoes?” and “Who’s gonna provide us with the earth-shattering riffage that a man like Lemmy gave us for decades?” And the truth is: there will never be another band like Motorhead, never be another like Lemmy.

However, the indelible mark impressed by Lemmy can never be undone, and generations of axe-wielding, Motorhead-worshipping blokes are already upon us. Exhibit A comes to us from SF’s own Flexx Bronco. This gritty, gutsy, four-piece is manned by a cadre of gentlemen with names like Filthy (Guitar), Eroc (Guitar), Guy Thunderbird (Bass/Vocals) and Thor Bigsby (Drums). And if those names aren’t audacious enough to represent their snot-on-the-floor-because-it-missed-your-face sound, just spin their latest effort, Volume 3. The proof is in the mystery pudding . . . man. Be prepared–they’re coming for you like a band of Vikings. And you are so f*cked.

Leading off with “Mons Non Separabit” FB starts the hacking, dealing out a Motorhead inspired killer riff coupled with chugs that lead into “Blondetourage”. The second track lays down an anthemic chorus with lyrics that won’t leave your mind tank for days, if ever. “Kavorka” return to a blues-inspired riff ala L.A. Guns, while “Nightmare” returns listeners to semi-punk, driving main riff complete with a melodic chorus. “Deadman” has more of a mid-tempo, porch stomp feel, juxtaposed by the balladeering, bar rock feel of “Heart on the Floor.” “Big Sky Fire” and “Vallejo” are as Motorhead-esque as you can get, with quick tempos and riffs galore. “Filthy’s Lullabye” and “Deathbaby” return to the L.A. Guns style of quick riffs, group shouts and killer solos. “Emerald City Burning” concludes the set leaving that lingering Flexx Bronco residue on you, they way that they only can.

Volume 3 is the non-stop deathride you always want from a great rock ‘n’ roll record. The riffs flow like water, the teeth gnash, the pulse quickens to a breakneck pace and you never leave the same person. Now, that’s rock ‘n’ roll–the same way Lemmy would, the way it’s supposed to be.

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