Bleached Memory teases listeners with ‘Dusk’

Bleached Memory’s “Dusk” may only be the preview to its full-length yet unnamed counterpart (due in a matter of months), but the E.P. is more than a foreshadowing of things to come. With an ethereal marriage of the organic with the mechanical, the South Bay shoegaze act creates a murky, euphoric soundscape to serve as ethos for the future.

Reminiscent of 90s U.K. neo-psychedelia bands like Slowdive and Ride, “Dusk” doesn’t shy away from modern textures. Keyboards, looping and drum machines accompany cavernous guitars and vocals, creating an updated sound that only improves upon its predecessors.

While songs like “French Fashion” and “Never Coming Down” immerse their listeners in the maelstrom, deeper tracks (“Colors,” “Dusk”) provide sharpness, a seriousness and paranoia juxtaposing the snow-coated softness.

“We’re So Close” lays a glitch-rock feel over an acoustic base, layering vocals drenched in various mechanistic production. The seemingly Eastern guitar line meanders along a progression of 5ths, concluding the five-song E.P.

It’s a baldfaced sample of depth and atmosphere. We look forward to the forthcoming effort.

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