Audiobender returns with ‘Pour Me an Encore’


If you miss the melodic vigor and the stiff-lipped atmosphere of the legendary Van Hagar, I’ve got a treat for you.

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, go lock yourself in a room with Van Halen’s 5150, OU812 and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, and don’t come out until you’re 17 again. (I don’t care how old you are.)

It’s not that the trio of Jared Richard (vocals), Paul Cigolani (bass) and Jeff Lemas (drums) are doppelgangers of Van Halen; that would be selling them short. But the San Jose act does transmute the energy–and even melodic zest–of the famed L.A. troubadours.

But Audiobender, and their latest release (“Pour Me An Encore”), isn’t your typical hard rock. The self-described alt-rock/power-pop group plays with pop-rock like a toddler: without rules, with passion, and relentlessly. From the funky, percussive tracks (Venus, Show Me a Sign, Stuck on the Floor of a Hotel Bathroom) to the more grueling post-punk charts (Easy, Stop Talking) to a blues-wielding fusion of the aforementioned styles (High & Dry, Die Another Day) to even the melodic (I Tried, This is the End), Audiobender has the rock-o-phile bases covered. And the album’s secret track, a cover of the jazz standard, “All of Me,” just serves as icing on the cake.

To be honest, Audiobender is that band you’d wished you started when you first discovered rock. With the attitude, grist and musicality needed for great rock, these guys are just all-around fun. The gods of rock may just be jamming to “Pour Me An Encore” in their ‘57 Chevy’s.

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