But My Band Doesn’t Suck

If you’ve got a band that doesn’t suck, and you like reading our reviews, we can pull out all the stops to promote you. Check out the list of services we offer to support musical acts, whether you’re just starting out or ready for the next level.

I grew up near Minneapolis, where the sounds of Prince, Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg and Bob Dylan caressed the airwaves. I spent every weekend at First Avenue, playing guitar with local artists. When I wasn’t writing, I was playing in a rock band. My first career goal was to be a journalist for Rolling Stone.

We all know what happened to Rolling Stone. So, I found other ways to write about music. Since 2012, I’ve worked as a freelance writer for the San Jose rock scene, Decibel Promotions, anydecentmusic.com and 40ozRobot.com. I never made much money, but bands seemed to like my reviews. In fact, they started asking me to write their bios, EPKs, and other promotions on the side.

That’s how I found what I really love: using my writing to support musicians. If you like what you read here on Your Record Collection Sucks, I’d love to help your music find a wider audience. I do have to charge some money, because otherwise my wife would kick me out of the house. But as you’ll see, my rates are very reasonable, and tailored to small acts who don’t have a lot to spend. Just promise to take me with you after you make it big (or something).

Please check out the services I offer, and if you’d like to hire me for any of them, give a shout. Check out our pricing page, or email info@yourrecordcollectionsucks.com.

Thanks for keeping good music alive. Corporate rock still sucks, and this here website holds the antidote.

Christopher Millard
Founder, Your Record Collection Sucks